I started seriously into photography about fourteen months ago. One of my first outings with the new camera was visiting a friend in the vicinity of Asbury Park, NJ. While he was spending time on the beach with his girlfriend (who later that day slapped him after he followed her instructions to “look at that girl’s bathing suit”), I wandered and fiddled with the camera. I didn’t really think too much about the images until I was moving my collection to Lightroom more than a year later, and it turns out I took some half-decent photos that day. My only regret is that I hadn’t yet discovered the bliss of shooting in RAW. Oh well.


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One response to “CA SI NO

  1. chloé

    my first thoughts were ‘oh shit thats amazing’ then i kept staring & wondering my eyes over it & it’s more than that, but i can’t put words on it

    how come you don’t still shoot colour(?) the colours in this are so vivid & the whole feel of the image feels mysterious
    i really approve x

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