Beach Scene

While my pictorial review of the stages of my photography was amusing (to me), it has left this page devoid of color for a few days, and it seems like time for a change. Additionally, it seems logical to explain the little picture that appears next to my name. Here it is:

This was taken the same day and less than five hundred feet from where this one was photographed. Treated similarly, it has similar mega-saturated tones and is, at least to me, pleasing, overwhelming, and repulsive at the same time. Which gets boring. It also reflects my recent fascination with square crops. A very similar scene with a friend and girlfriend (the same pair chronicled in the other post from this location) sitting on a bench looking over the beach became a Christmas present from him to her. It also took me close to a year to recover the printing cost- can’t beat mixing friends and business,

Shot over a year ago using my new (at the time) digital SLR system.


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One response to “Beach Scene

  1. dbshanks

    It is getting colder up here in the north and this is making me feel warm and fuzzy. Excellent composition.

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