Ice Cream

Not my favorite image, but one I still find interesting. I am having a miserable time getting it saturated enoguh to look even close to how it appears on my full version or how it really looked. Something about the conversion and upload is desaturating everyting and I’m not sure why. It’s a problem I’ve had before viewing images in Firefox, and it’s probably related to conflicting colorspaces and my general ignorance about them. I just recently got comfortable with post processing- why not rest on my laurels for a little?

In other news, the Ricoh is out and shooting now that I’m more or less moved in to the new place, so maybe I’ll be able to stop recycling pictures sometime soon and post something really recent. Unfortunately, 36-exp film is not compatible with short attention span and film miserliness. Unfortunately, I think that’s the only way T-Max comes (in 35mm of course). Atl east once I develop it I’ll feel confident enough handling it to develop my recent DC trip pictures, which I have been terrified of ruining (one roll Tri-X, which I’m not worried about, and one roll of T-Max which is apparently weird). Maybe those will make it to here sooner or later.

Shot with my Pentax digital SLR setup some time early this summer. It’s in the EXIF, so I’m sure you can find the date if you’re curious. I’m not.


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