Aldous Huxley

Get it?

This is a salvageable exposure from the dozen dozen or so negative scans I got back yesterday. Have you heard how high-end CVS’s negative scanning equipment is? (How high-end is it?) It’s so high-end that it can’t figure out how to scan a twenty-four frame roll that has twenty-seven frames on it! No seriously, it just reads the frame numbers, and apparently 00, 0, 25, 26, and 27 don’t count.

Even though it was simply one of the few that was salvageable, it’s growing on me. This crop eliminates the fourth opening, which consisted of highlights burned fully to death, but I think this one still has a nice range of light and shadow. And nice textures.

Agfa APX 400 rated at 400 (the 800 and 1600 were. . .  disappointing). Bad drugstore negative scan.

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Filed under Black and White, Film, Landscape, Self-Developed

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