A group with political ambitions that I would be hard pressed to disagree with more created a September 11 memorial display that, all politics aside, was extremely visually interesting. I would never post a political or otherwise controversial image for any other reason.

All deep political thought aside, this is the first fruit of my minimal grain minimal contrast experiment and the results are interesting. The images have less apparent grain (because 100TMX is one of the finest-grain films on the planet), but still didn’t scan very well. At least I’ve tried it. I think my next experiments will involve Plus-X 125.

100TMX, the usual suspects for developer and scanning.



Filed under Black and White, Film, Self-Developed

4 responses to “Tribute

  1. dbshanks

    Even the Stars and Stripes can look awesome in monochrome. This is a great shot.

  2. chloe

    oh my i can’t believe was on an expired film & $3 🙂
    it’s awesome

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  4. WoW!! No words.. Just brilliant!

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