This is from my first-ever roll of Tri-X, and is very typical of the results I like to see from the film. I’m going back and considering my film options now that I found out that my Agfapan source has apparently run dry (which makes sense, since Agfa itself ran dry years ago). The films that are frontrunners to succeed APX400 for everyday use are Tri-X 400 (I don’t think the 320 even exists in 35mm) and Plus-X, since I have been happy with my Tri-X , it’s common and information related to using it is readily available, and I can get those two cheap (the most important factor). I developed my second-ever roll of Tri-X Wednesday night (and into the wee hours of Thursday morning- long story), and hopefully I’ll be seeing and sharing the results early next week. They look good enough to me, but I am in no way a good reader of negatives yet.

Kodak TX400, Clayton F76+ at normal 1+9.


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  1. chloé

    that’s amazing!! i love the caterpillar’s

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