Tribute II

Washington D.C. in July number two, a crop from the Vietnam memorial. While the bright sunlight really wreaked havoc on some of my other photos, it did make for fantastic reflections here. This is colored and processed in an attempt to connect it with yesterday’s D.C. photo. I just might have more of these up my sleeve as well.

Kodak Tri-X 400, Clayton F76+, the usual suspects.



Filed under Black and White, Film, Self-Developed, Street Photography

2 responses to “Tribute II

  1. chloe

    thank-you for your lovely message 🙂
    i have actually considered buying a film, camera 🙂
    my neighbour does photography for a living & has a developing room in her house 🙂
    it’s very tempting. do you develop your own? 🙂

  2. Street Photographer

    Superb shot.

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