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Photography is difficult at noon on a sunny day.

Even with the right filters, there’s just too much light to catch on your canvas.

Kodak T-Max 400, Clayton F76+ 1+9.

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Photography is complicated.

Tonight: Action shooting with on-camera hotshoe flash (my only option for various reasons). To capture the shot I had in my mind (which I didn’t), I needed to consider perspective, how that perspective is altered or distorted by focal length and proximity to the subject, how to get correct exposure using a non-compatible TTL flash, how to get correct focus, and how not to get landed on. I succeeded in precisely two of these areas.

The moral of the story is, every time you think it’s down to a reflex, there’s one more thing you aren’t thinking of. Especially if you’re me. And especially if it’s dark out.

Pentax digital, some sort of Nikon-intended Quantaray strobe that isn’t worth the effort it took to acquire for free.

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Easy Riders II

Photography is increasingly equipment-intensive.

I could get better quality (less noise/grain) out of this with a brand new full frame camera body! I could better than that with digital medium format! If I wait until next year for the newest and greatest and shiniest, it’ll be best of all!

The funny thing about next year is that it’s always twelve months away.

Pentax digital SLR system, which is neither the newest nor the shiniest.


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Chai and Hitchcock (Day in the Life II)

Photography is still what I make it.

Sometimes more challenging, sometimes less. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Regardless, this is the second in the series.

Pentax digital.

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Day in the Life I

Photography is what you make it.

Continuing in the vein of “non-serious” photography, I was reading late the other night and decided I had an interesting point of view. What followed was close to fifteen minutes of holding my camera over my head with one hand and desperately hoping to get the composition I wanted, not to mention exposure and focus (for the record, this is one of the relatively few situations where autofocus is an enormous help). Sure enough, when I uploaded them the next day, one was good enough, and here it is. I will consider that fifteen minutes of sacrificed sleep on Wednesday night a labor of love (but not for art, because this one is non-serious).

Pentax digital.

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To Do

Photography is decontextualization.

A photograph is a still image torn from its larger context. This moment occurred over the summer, and though what I was doing at the time is completely different from what I’m doing now, I can still associate with the image and the moment.

Make sense?

Pentax digital body with vintage SMC M lens.

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The Hunter (October III)

Photography should be fun.

Sometimes it’s about high art. Sometimes it’s about progressing your art. Sometimes it’s not about art. Unless you have an exceptionally damaged personality, chances are at some point you’re going to burn out on something that isn’t fun. Enjoy your photography and have a good time out there.

Pentax digital.

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