Land of Lincoln III

Here’s the third of the Lincoln series. This one is my favorite, but I am not exactly known for my taste in my own photography. I tried more “artistic” crops, but this is the one I like best.

I have some cross-processed film waiting to be scanned. It’s Fuji 400 color film processed in my Clayton black and white chemistry. I’m hoping for some interesting lo-fi effects, but only time will tell. Unfortunately, my usual source for inexpensive, quick, and low-quality scanning has changed their pricing structure, and now I’m priced out of the game. I’m looking for another source, but until then, they’ll remain in photo-limbo, suspended in my workflow. One of these days.

Kodak Tri-X 400, Clayton F76+.


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One response to “Land of Lincoln III

  1. alphanatics

    Nice crop. Kinda Reuters feel of this (I mean you are shooting photo journal) 🙂 Your BW look great.

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