Photography is subject to change.

Unfortunately, at about 2:00 PM EST on Sunday, my trusty MacBook Pro went into an apparently scanner-triggered meltdown. After finally getting frustrated and shutting it off, I was dismayed to realize it would not boot up again. Not good. After trying repairing permissions and archiving and reinstalling OS X (which failed because apparently the friend I loaned my install DVDs to last year scratched one beyond functionality), I am left with a nonfunctional laptop and no way to access my images (yes, almost all of them are backed up).
To add insult to injury, my favorite retailer, Wal-Mart, happened to be the only store in town open that stood any chance of having a FireWire cable that would allow me to rescue my important and non-backed-up-yet files. It turns out, they not only “don’t sell FireWire,” but also have computer department staffers who have “honestly never even seen a FireWire cable,” and after I explained my purposes, scoffed at my Mac, and seem vaguelty amused by the prospect of a Mac breaking, even if it might have something to do with the lamp that fell on it this morning. Oh well. Class stratification is alive and well in America, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Monday’s agenda: Acquire FireWire cable, hole myself up in one of a very few computer labs equipped with Macs (PCs will not connect to target disk Macs, which makes sense since they won’t read FAT32-formatted drives anyway). When will I be back? Only time will tell.

One of my favorite images from the summer, on Kodak 400CN developed tenderly by the Ritz C-41 machines.


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  1. chloe

    oh my gosh! i hope you can recover your photography!
    this has just prompted me to back up onto a CD
    p.s. i’m envious of your book photograph!

    i have been testing out my black&white photography 🙂

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