Photography is back online.

After the weekend’s computer catastrophe, things are up and running again. This morning I took the trusty Mac apart and installed a new hard drive, and things seem to be running smoothly (in fact, more smoothly than usual, because the new drive is 125% larger and spins 33% faster. When life gives you lemons, take advantage of the fact that you need a new hard drive anyway). Indeed, things are back to normal: I’m writing this instead of studying, my lovely neighbors have just risen from slumber and have started up the day’s bad rap music, and my computer is purring smoothly as it recreates my iTunes library.

Believe it or not, this is (almost) relevant to photography. I was having a conversation with one of the proprietors of the local camera shop (somehow every time I stop in there I’m there for at least an hour) about film and digital photography, and one interesting thing that he mentioned was durability. While your average point-and-shooter loves the convenience of dumping everything on the computer (where do those go again?) and not thinking about it ever again, this puts it at quite the risk for loss. As I recently discovered, something as simple as trying to move one’s router and cable modem can send lamps crashing onto laptops and hard drive heads into disk surfaces, corrupting data with wanton disregard for photography. Even for those who do backup, especially those who do not do so often enough, this can spell hours of time-consuming manual recovery and replacing once the computer is fixed. I backup files to one additional location, and even this isn’t enough for true safety. In the days of film, all you needed to do was keep your negatives safe from physical damage. Ahh, the good ol’ days.

Fuji Superia X-tra (400), developed by someone other than me. Not the same as this one, but from the same roll.



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2 responses to “Keys

  1. chloe

    thank-you 🙂
    i always like looking at your photography x

  2. chloé

    i knew i had got my inspiration from your site some where, i just had to back track 🙂
    i like your idea of keyboard photos 🙂

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