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Photography is merging.

Where does photography end and graphic art begin? Digital illustration and photography have collided violently as both transition into the digital medium. If photo printing technology had advanced to oil paint on canvas in the 1960s, it would have been similar (strange, but similar).

Some photographers are disgusted by digital and refuse to “Photoshop” their images (in quotes because some “Photoshop” without using Adobe Photoshop- I use GIMP). Some embrace it, and can’t get an image they’re happy with without heavy “retouching.” Some wander between, and some serious heretics occasionally ‘shop a scanned negative (I don’t have a darkroom, what am I supposed to do?).

For the record, though this is heavily processed, nothing was “Photoshopped in.” The light trails, the portrait- it’s all the same exposure. Good ol’ fashioned photo tricks.

Are heavily-processed images photography? Are they something else? Are they a little of each?

What does it mean for photography that this needs an “authenticity disclaimer?”

Pentax digital SLR system.


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