Easy Chair/Easy Riders

Photography is technical.

While many are quick to dismiss any “tricky” digital photography as “fake” (or “Photoshopped,” as apparently Photoshop has magical powers that transcend the limits of space-time and can fake anything one can imagine), a good digital photographer still relies on solid technical ability to create his or her “tricks.” In this case, panning with a moving object to freeze it and blur the background, emphasizing its motion. I was bored one night and decided to give it a shot (ouch- bad pun). It would have been a lot easier with a tripod, as it’s pretty tough to control the vertical motion when handholding. A lot of the shots that were “almosts” had vertical blur.

The more I learn of photography, the stranger it seems that with all of the technology at our disposal, we are relying on the same techniques that good photographers have had “up their sleeves” for decades. On a side note, the title is ironic (if you were wondering).

These two are about as Easy Rider as Bert and Ernie.

Ye olde Pentax digital system.


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One response to “Easy Chair/Easy Riders

  1. Street Photographer

    Photoshop will get you so far, but as you say, the old-fashioned techniques are what get the results. I think too many people rely on using PS to correct mistakes that should never have happened.

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