Photography is everywhere.

Every once in a while, something catches your eye. Last weekend, it was a friend’s desk. She was working on both photography and watercolor at the time, and had some very interesting artifacts strewn across it. While I have yet to develop that roll of film, it got me very interested in the way that people use what little space they have- “colonized spaces” so to speak. I experimented a bit more with the things on my own desk (not quite sure how they got this way, but they did), and I hope to find more interesting spaces in the near future. The nice thing about desks is that they’re often near windows (unfortunately, late at night this doesn’t make much difference).

Pentax digital system.



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2 responses to “Balance

  1. chloe

    i love it!!!

    i would bring my camera to my desk at work because it’s got a lot of interesting things to photograph..espically B&W; but i would get carried away lol

  2. Foe me, it’s really a “hot/cold” thing. I think the choppy nature of film does that to me. A roll sort of unfolds in its own way, and when its done, it’s time to develop and analyze the results before starting all over again. One day last week (Thursday?) I shot an entire roll of film in about two hours, and I haven’t touched any of my film cameras since. I do get carried away, but it usually only lasts 24 frames at most (which is why I shoot 24 frame rolls when I can- 36s are too long for my attention span).

    Have you talked to that neighbor with the darkroom yet?

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