Photography is seasonal.

Heading out to a trailhead on my mountain bike a few days ago, I saw this cluster of trees that were simply incredible. I shot an entire roll of film that day (I had the presence of mind to load some of the “borrowed” Fuji 400 color film I had in the fridge into my K1000 before I left), but since I don’t particularly like that film, have no idea as to the metering accuracy or light integrity of the camera, and tend to make horrible mistakes with film that I don’t pick up until days or weeks later when I see the results, I dragged the digital rig over tonight for the second “golden hour” (the hours following sunrise and preceding sunset) of the day.

I tried a few things with this shoot, and many of them didn’t work out. A few more, however, may make their way onto this site sooner or later. I find that more often than not, I go out with a specific shot or series of shots in mind, and come home with something completely different. It’s hard to say whether this is because I don’t yet have the skills to execute what my mind “sees,” because my mind doesn’t yet “see” photographs in a realistic manner, or because I get distracted by better things. As with almost anything, it is probably some combination of the three.

Film makes things interesting because there is no “this isn’t working” moment. Without the power to doubt myself, I tend to either hit hard or miss completely. For me, film isn’t just a different medium, it’s a different approach all together. The negatives should be done mid-week, and I’m curious.

The Pentax digital system has some extremely good lenses, espeically primes. I need some of these.



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3 responses to “October

  1. freshtodeath

    hey i found you through chloe.this picture is absolutely amazing O: so many depths to it.it captured my interest instantaneously and it really allows your eyes to travel easily.ive always wanted to take up photography.ive always been interested in it.however i wasnt thinking when i bought my camera and purchased a digital one=..[ hopefully when i get the time and inspiration ill post some of my pictures=] im more interesting in taking pictures of architecture and such…yet this photo was somehow successful in holding my eyes.

  2. Nice pic… great colors….

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