Day in the Life I

Photography is what you make it.

Continuing in the vein of “non-serious” photography, I was reading late the other night and decided I had an interesting point of view. What followed was close to fifteen minutes of holding my camera over my head with one hand and desperately hoping to get the composition I wanted, not to mention exposure and focus (for the record, this is one of the relatively few situations where autofocus is an enormous help). Sure enough, when I uploaded them the next day, one was good enough, and here it is. I will consider that fifteen minutes of sacrificed sleep on Wednesday night a labor of love (but not for art, because this one is non-serious).

Pentax digital.


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One response to “Day in the Life I

  1. chloe

    thanks for your comment anthony 🙂
    luckily i wasn’t driving the vechile when i took that..that could have been dangerous haha

    is this your hand? it has a very surreal feel about it i like
    i know all to well the frustraitons of an awkward “self” photo 🙂
    i’ll check back in soon

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