Easy Riders II

Photography is increasingly equipment-intensive.

I could get better quality (less noise/grain) out of this with a brand new full frame camera body! I could better than that with digital medium format! If I wait until next year for the newest and greatest and shiniest, it’ll be best of all!

The funny thing about next year is that it’s always twelve months away.

Pentax digital SLR system, which is neither the newest nor the shiniest.



Filed under Black and White, Digital, Street Photography

2 responses to “Easy Riders II

  1. Meh, Just like grain, I don’t mind noise anymore.

    And in the future (read, next year) with cameras such as the d3, 5d mkII and the a900, noise will be a thing of the past.

    And just wait untill that technology reaches digital backs!

  2. GA

    i’m not sure which i like more; your photography or the snippets of writing you have with each picture.

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