Photography is a learning experience.

Can you tell what’s wrong with this image? Does the nose look a little funny? Sometimes it seems like the better you get one thing, the more likely you are to completely miss another. In this case, I nailed the focus. For traditional shots of people or pets (or really anything with eyes), the rule of thumb is to make sure the focus is sharp on the eyes (or on the nearer eye). I nailed the focus. Unfortunately, I forgot to consider depth of field: Since I was only a matter of inches away from this face (probably something I should think about when it belongs to a strange dog) and shooting at a relatively open aperture (most likely f/4), my depth of field was quite thin. How thin? Follow the contours of the head forward or back from the eyes and see how quickly they go out of focus.

Oh well. I think this will still make a nice 8×10. I ordered my first professional lab prints earlier today, and I am curious to see how they turn out. The best part is, the price is comparable to Ritz or CVS, or maybe even less (I paid $2 for 8x10s and $3 for 8x12s). It’s even more convenient. Unless you’re one of “those people” who hoard images on their SD cards and go to the grocery store to make prints before deleting images when it gets full, it’s much more convenient to export them from your photo management software, upload them, and place your order. I am curious to see the results.

Agfa APX400, Ricoh KR-5 Super II, normal developent in F76+ and the great tonality I have gound with this combo, even when scanned. Sure beats the FP4+ I tried during this project, which was both expensive and disappointing.



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2 responses to “Dog

  1. chloé

    thanks for your nice comment 🙂
    i am thinking the d90 just because of the specs & the reviews on it have been good. i think it has everything i want in a dslr & i am a video taker as well, so the high definition will be an added bonus.
    what are your thoughts on it(?) it seems very “user” friendly, which is something i need being new to this whole photography thing. there’s an almost endless list of changable nikkor lens i can play with too.

    on this photo; although there isn’t too much depth of field, the idea of photographing animals is to make sure to get the eyes & you definitely got 100/100 for that. he’s rather adorable
    actually i think it’s quite fine that everything other than the centre of the image is is blurred, yup good work

  2. Ali

    I love this photo… because I am related to the artist and think he has more gifts in his pinkie toe than I have in my whole body. Oh, and also because I am about to be a vet and would LOVE to hang this in my future practice!!

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