Reading (Take II)


Photography is often false.

Look familiar? It might. I’ve been dreaming of a Holga lately, so I decided to go for the effect. I do like this presentation quite a bit better than the first go with this one- the crop minimizes the barrel distortion from the horrible lens on the Nikon I had borrowed at the time. On the other hand, I did have to give up the sky to do so, which I rather liked. Actually, on second thought, the original is fairly toy camera-like in itself. I guess that’s a pretty horrendous lens, because the Nikon N75 is no Diana (although not an especially high-end SLR body from its time, and certainly far from my favorite).

Plug related to this post: For those of you in the area, the Met has an excellent special exhibition going called “Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Modern Photography.” I had the opportunity to see it the day before Thanksgiving, and despite my fever-induced deliriousness (102 is quite a fever for someone who normally runs 96s), I was very impressed. Great museum and a great exhibition.

I guess the results here are the combination of a few factors: Expired film, horrendous optical quality (cheap glass wide open at wide end), a low-quality scan, and the processing liberties taken by yours truly. I like it, and I think it captures the feel of the place quite a bit better. The rest of you can judge for yourselves.

Expired Fuji NPS 160, C-41 processing, world’s worst zoom lens (some sort of Quantaray abomination), liberal embellishing.


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5 responses to “Reading (Take II)

  1. chloé

    thanks for your informative comment they always help me 🙂
    the detail in that graffti come painting is awesome
    kudos x

  2. chloé

    i try to make my photos different otherwise it could become boring to others reading my blog(?) & myself. i really liked the leaf one too & the bumblebee was a lucky shot : )
    thankyou for the early birthday wishes! you’re twentyone almost too(?)..i don’t actually know why but i thought you were much older, you seem so mature, especially for a guy your age; don’t be offended i mean it in a nice way : )

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