Dinosaur II


Looks can be deceiving.

The next Dinosaur in my series, actually photographed minutes after the first. I didn’t really have anything interesting to do with this one, however, until I created my cross process simulation, as seen on the redux of Reading. This is tricky though- Reading II, with its smooth, muted colors, was shot on expired film. This image, which, in addition to color shifts has extreme grain and appears to have aged badly, is digital. Part of this is necessity- it was dark, and my digital performs poorly at high sensitivities. The rest, of course, is taking this flaw and running with it: An image this noisy will never work as a high-fidelity piece of digital art. What will it work as? Perhaps a digital replication of/homage to the low-fidelity world of the cross processed negative. Is it cross processed? No. Does it look like a cross process? Not really. Does it work? You tell me.

Pentax digital SLR operating at an unfathomably high sensitivity to price ratio. Image quality follows accordingly.


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  1. I have looked through a lot of your photos and I think you have an incredible talent! How long have you been doing photography? I am looking into getting my first SLR camera. What do you suggest?

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