Manipulation may be older than you think.

What a bizarre effect. Two images superimposed onto each other. And the tones- that is a strange-looking black and white image. There are two things that are going on here that are more than meets the eye:

1. Double exposure. The roommate and the glass look like two different pictures. In fact, they are. Two exposures are made on the same negative (with some careful exposure adjustements, since the sum of the light from each expoaure must fall within the desired range), and there it is. In some cases, one doesn’t fully understand the workings of one’s brand-new twenty-eight year old camera, and the exposures only half overlap. The result? This image. No Photoshop trickery, just old-fashioned analog mind games (and user error. Come on, the camera’s older than I am).

2. Cross process. This image (this one too) were fake cross processes, designed to digitally replicate processing slide film in color negative chemicals or vice-versa. While this is the most common cross process, developing color film in black and white chemistry counts too. The results are generally unique (to say the least).

There you haeve it. All sorts of tricks played with film chemistry that have been available for much longer than I’ve been living. Some people have a visceral reaction to “Photoshopping” of digital images, but fail to realize that many of the techniques reflect the sort of manipulations that photographers have been up to since, well, a long time ago.

This is a long one, so bear with me: Pentax K1000 body on its maiden roll (in my hands, at least), Fuji Superia X-tra 400 (color negative film), Clayton F76+ black and white developer. Alright, so not as long as I thought.



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4 responses to “Suspicion

  1. chloé

    i’m back from holidays (thought i’d let you know)
    this photograph doesn’t even look edited! – awesome photo!!
    so, is the glass half full or half empty(?) & what’s the girl thinking(?)
    ; it’s playing through my mind

  2. chloé

    happy new year : )

  3. chloé

    nothing new here, not like you
    have you got your new camera yet(?) : )

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