Photography is serendipitous.

Holga photography (and “toy camera” photography in general) is often described as a serendipitous art form. While this is certainly true, I don’t quite think it’s fair. All photography is serendipitous, at least for those of us inexperienced enough to suffer the inconvenience of not being able to transfer images perfectly from our mind’s eye to our chosen medium (a 35mm negative, a digital sensor, a piece of 8×10 print paper in a pinhole camera).

Pentax digital system, perhaps a remote strobe, and some headlights contributing to my lighting.


Filed under Abstract, Digital, Portrait

3 responses to “Psycho

  1. chloé

    how did you shoot her so clear & everything perfectly blurred(?) 🙂 it’s great

  2. chloé

    when i read your comment this morning i thought wow that makes no sense to me & there’s so much to take in

    i’ve re-read the comment now, with it being 8pm & it makes sense 🙂
    i picked up my hoya magnifying filters & i tested out the the +4, they’re pretty cool
    🙂 any ideas on good subjects to take close up photographs of
    a the moment my head is thumping with pain & i have no motivation to think of anything lol

  3. Elissa

    I’m glad I just realized I was on here 🙂
    Good thing I know we were talking about Psycho and such that day or else I’d probably hate you. Glad you picked this one and not the other one though!

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