Nicotine and objectification. What could be more American? Oh wait, this part is usually a photography truism.

An interesting way to observe people is to study the space they occupy. This is from a friend’s desk. The items were actually props for an art project. Moments later (or before- I just developed this on Monday but I shot it more than a month ago, so I really have no idea), I stepped on a bowl of watercolor paint and spilled it on her carpet.

Agfapan APX400 in my K1000, Clayton F76+ diluted 1+19 with the time slightly reduced to decrease contrast. Intended as an experiment in making more scannable negatives.



Filed under Black and White, Film, Landscape, Self-Developed

4 responses to “Marilyn

  1. beautiful shoot. simple. real.

  2. chloé

    argh damnyou for this ‘effing’ great photograph
    i’ve tried this with my partners cigarettes, though it never looks this great
    tell me your secrets!

    i see the image or marilyn, she’s beautiful

  3. chloé

    by the way that’s “of marilyn”

  4. chloé

    hey no worries i like coming to visit your blog, you give my brain a work out for trying new camera ideas 🙂
    i would love to take my camera everywhere i go, espically when i’m driving home from work; i see the most amazing & photogenic things along the way, but my camera is too big for my handbag & rather heavy (for me)
    how’s your camera situation going(?)

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