Psycho II


Another happy accident.

I’ve been playing with my new film scanner lately, trying to get negative scans that aren’t disappointing on every level. For various reasons (mostly their lack of translucence compared to print films), traditional black and white negatives are notorious for scanning poorly. Many solutions have been proposed (and many photographers swear by various combinations), and I’m trying to stumble my way through some of them to find a process that works for me.

The Digital Image Enhancement Engine (DICE) scanner technology that allows dust-, scratch-, and generally blemish-free scans of color negatives does not work with black and white negatives. However, in my experimenting with software settings, I gave it a shot without thinking. This was the result.

As usual with my “weird looking” posts, this is not some bizarre Photoshop filter. This is the original scan, with only a minor exposure adjustment.

Agfa APX400, Clayton F76+, my K1000’s questionable meter, and scanner serendipity.


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One response to “Psycho II

  1. chloé

    hello anthony, thankyou : )
    i wasn’t so much as “close” to the objects in those photographs, i was zoomed in & they are magnified, that’s why it looks like i got up close & personal, but i didn’t
    but i’ve taken your words on board (as always, they really help)

    those were my first four photographs i have taken so when i’ve got another moment to play around i will definitely be doing just that

    when i first came here i was like, oooooh something’s wrong with my screen *sharks laptop*
    i went onto read your post, (duh) i’m having one of “those” days, you know(?)
    interesting how B&W’s don’t scan, this looks more like a painting than a photograph
    i like the umbrellas & stands in the street
    p.s who said your posts were “weird looking” or is that your opinion, if it’s not your opinion & someone else said that..”you’re LAME”
    🙂 yup, okay 🙂

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