Revolution 1


Photography can be unexpected.

Not too long ago, I thought I had perfected the color film in black and white chemistry processs with my particular set of film and chemicals. Thrilled that I had finally worked out a foolproof formula, I shot and developed another roll. As soon as I took the negatives out of the tank, however, I knew something was wrong. They were darker and denser than the previous set, and the scans bore out my suspicions: Bad. However, one image of a mural in an alley over a doorway looked like it might be redeemable. I “redeemed” it by cropping out everything but the mural (which was the only thing even remotely close to correctly exposed). Here it is.

Fuji Superia 400 color film developed in Clayton F76+ black and white chemistry and shot in a Minolta XD5 with center-weighted metering, which I no longer trust.



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4 responses to “Revolution 1

  1. chloé

    i’m using picasa, mainly because it allows for fast & easy, border (polaroid) & text to be added & it’s free (lol)
    you can convert colours to black & white
    should i be shooting in colour & changing it when it’s onto my computer(?)

    ((feeling like a total amateur))

    was this cartoon strip out of a book(?)
    i’ve always liked how the correct shaddowing can create depth

  2. I can relate 🙂 Happens to me too ! Just recently too 😦
    The mural looks cool though !

  3. Thank you again for the wonderful comment. I am so amazed that you are actually taking time to leave me such a long, great comment, helping me so much with getting into photography.
    So I looked at that camera (the Ricoh 35mm camera) that you gave the link to me and i actually bought it today! (I was the highest bidder.) Of course, I really took time to look into it before hand and I talked to the seller and I truly do think that it will give me a great start into the world of photography. So thank you for giving me that link! I am going to go to Borders or Barnes n Noble tomorrow to get a book on understanding exposure, so hopefully that will help me in the future. So you recommend buying a Pentax lense for my new Ricoh? (For the future, after I learn the basics.)
    I am located in Texas so I am guessing, since you said drug stores process 35mm color (and black and white) film, that Walgreens or CVS does that?
    Anyway, I really cannot thank you enough. You have really put a head-start to my photography and your work has inspired me very much!

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