Psycho III


Photography is nonlinear.

This is not new. It came from the same area as this one, but on a different day and shot on color film. I felt like experimenting with black and white with toners last night, and so I processed this as a selenium print. I think it’s a little eerie. There’s another process of this same image as a deep red-orange. I like this one better because of the juxtaposition.- the orangey autumn tones have been replaced with a monochrome in icy blue. It plays with the mind, and I like it.

Test roll in my K1000, Fuji Superia X-tra 400, digital selenium process (sorry, no darkroom).



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2 responses to “Psycho III

  1. chloé

    when you frame your photographs before taking them, do you consider the “rule of thirds”(?) i read about this concept somewhere
    the blur of the ground almost appears like snow, i like this a lot x

  2. I am sorry that it took me so long to respond to you. I wanted to wait until I recieved my new camera, which came yesterday! I have already been through four rolls of film–two of which didn’t develop correctly. (I think one was expired and the other I didn’t load correctly.)

    I have had so much fun playing with it. I am still learning about aperture and how to work all of the dials on the camera. I got new batteries and a new cover for the lens so now I am just experimenting with it. I printed out the intructions that you suggested and that has really helped. I also went to my nearest camera store, Wolf Camera, and the manager has been helping me with figuring it out. She recommended the book that you told me about: “Understanding Exposure”. So I think that I am going to go get that book as well as a book over aperture. She also said that my lens was really good and that I got this camera for a great price for the lens.

    I am extremely happy with this camera and I am, like you said, in for an adventure. And, so far, I am loving it! I’ll be commenting soon for some questions about it. Again, I cannot thank you enough. This camera is a great start to my new photography adventure.

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