new-leaf2Photography is now in uncharted waters.

About five weeks ago, I posted all of my digital equipment on my local Craigslist. I received a multitude of scam emails (one asking me to send the camera to the sender’s son, who was from Texas but was in Nigeria studying photography). It was time to make more serious investments in my equipment, and what I had was just not cutting it for me. About a week ago, I received an email that appeared to be legitimate. Yesterday, a young couple made a five-hour round trip with their baby, and took all of my digital camera equipment with them.

I am now down to three 35mm bodies (Pentax K1000, Ricoh KR-5 Super II, Ricoh KR-10) and a freezer full of film. I do intend to invest in more digital equipment soon, though I haven’t quite decided what it will be yet. Nikon’s old D200 is an attractive option and priced right. The other (probably more difficult) decision is lenses. It isn’t often that one gets to start from square one. Perhaps a 17mm for landscape and wide shooting and  28mm for everday use? Maybe the 28mm and a 50mm for portraits and low light shooting? What about a 55mm micro that could double as a portrait lens? It would be slower, but a micro would be a lot of fun.

Decisions decisions.

“Busy, busy, busy.”

Pentax K1000 test roll, Fuji Superia 400 processed C-41, scanned and converted to grayscale.



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4 responses to “Old/New

  1. chloé

    the scamming sounds rather frustrating(!)
    sounds like your camera has gone into good hands though 🙂

    i had my partners grandparents 50th wedding anni on sunday; their original wedding photographer was there photographing everyone, he was using a d200 with a micro lens; exactly what you are talking about here

    i still haven’t received my tripod yet..it was ment to be here friday (it’s tuesday)

    i’m going to photograph my GF at her horse comp this sunday, i’m excited lol

    the leaves around my house look exactly like this photograph; because they are burnt or dieing 😦

  2. chloé

    we have seen the news that’s been breaking around the world of the fires, what they’ve showed & said about it all; it’s even more terrible.
    they’ve started showing photographs (on the news) of the people who have perished; (from when they were still alive of course), it saddens me.
    i feel totally out of control & like my (now large) contribution of clothes & shoes won’t even make a victim smile. if i had millions, i would pack them all up & put them in hotels because at the moment they are reduced to living in tents. they are quickly becoming restless & resentful that they cant go back “home”; though most of them don’t realise at this stage just how little, if anything is left of their towns.

    my aunty & uncle went to a community meeting tonight; they’ve been told it’s only safe to flee.

    & no you never did answer my question, but thankyou. i’m off to photograph my girlfriend at her horse riding event this sunday, i’m a bit nervous because i really haven’t made time to photograph quickly moving animals & such.
    i’m hoping to have received my tripod by next weekend it’ll make the photographs a lot easier to capture.
    i’m thinking a fast shutter to almost ‘stop’ time(?)

  3. Great pic… Really brings out the ‘colors’… (even though the pic is B&W)

  4. I love this pic. A bit nostalgic and a bit sad too. I think I should consider shooting more B&W’s from now on.

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