Happy Valentine’s Day.


After finishing up a particularly long week on Friday, I stopped by the camera store in town to chat with the owners. They’ve been at photography longer than I’ve been living, so they have all sorts of interesting perspectives on various things photographic (especially vintage gear, which is all I have now that I’ve parted ways with my digital SLR). After talking to one of them for probably an hour, I asked about expired film and found that they had a gold mine. After attempting faux cross processing before, the prospect of expired Elite Chrome slide film was too exciting to turn down. I bought a roll, shot it the next day (yesterday), and had it developed at CVS that evening. Here are the results of my real live cross process: Grainy, ugly, tinted, and supersaturated. Hope your Valentine’s Days were as good as mine was.


Kodak Elite Chrome slide (E6) film developed in C41 color negative process at CVS. Shot in a Ricoh KR-10 Super which apparently has light leaks.



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5 responses to “Authenticity

  1. chloe

    i think the “Grainy, ugly, tinted, and supersaturated” adds to the character in the photograph
    valentines day is very commercialised; my partner & i have decided that we don’t need a ‘day’ to show how much we appreciate eaach other, plus daniel can buy me roses anytime of the year for $20 less than on valentines day & put that money towards our trip to europe

    how was your valentines day(?) it you celebrate with someone special(?) x

  2. chloe

    with regard to the last photograph i wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but i was impressed with the result. good to hear your valentines day went well 🙂

  3. Great pic there… has really ‘authentic’ grainy look..

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  5. Very nice & lively moment..brings back alot of memories. As Chloe already said the effects add to the character.
    BTW Thank you for the compliments.

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