The Other Side


I’m pleased that I’m pleased with two of the images from my very first cross-processed roll. My expectations were low, but I am going to go get some more Elite Chrome tomorrow (the store was closed today). I think this is a nice contrast to yesterday’s Valentine’s image. Between the two, it seems like everyone should have something to identify with. This one was so sharp (with none applied in scanning) that I actually backed off the clarity a little in Lightroom. I have learned three things about cross processing E-6 film in C-41 chemicals: It’s unpredictable, it’s grainy, and it can be so sharp it makes my head hurt. My hypothesis: Bright sun and overexposure make the colors go crazy (more formal testing of that one will commence when I get more film).

Kodak Elite Chrome 400 slide film (expired 10/2007) shot in a leaky KR-10 Super and processed (poorly) C-41 by the drones at the CVS in town.



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7 responses to “The Other Side

  1. I looove all of your new photos! And I absolutely LOVE my ricoh camera! I am just having the best time!! I am sorry that it has taken me so long, once again, to respond. Don’t worry–I am not ignoring you. I have just been so busy lately. I have almost mastered the basics and I have even developed some black and white film and it turned out amazing. What lens do you recommend that I upgrade to next?

  2. chloe

    i adore the simplicity this photograph expresses
    i agree it’s sharp, the shoe kind of really graps your eyes

  3. iheartfilm

    I haven’t ever x-processed anything. I think I might finally give it a try. Nice blog, by the way.


  4. Great effects… authentic rusty look…

  5. I can tell a story just looking at this picture. ‘Where is Cinderella?’ Ohh man its just
    Simple & Awesome. I think I’ve alot to learn when I go thru your photographs. How long you been using the film camera. Ive one too, Yashica electro 35(any good?).. But I’m using D90 at the moment.

  6. fbm

    I love this picture!

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