Authenticity II


I am not pleased with CVS. It isn’t the first time.

This roll was my first experiment with redscale photography. Basically, it’s shooting film backwards. Because the backing layer (which is now in front) is red/orange and the light must pass through it to create the image, the resulting print leans heavily toward red/orange tones. This is completely analog- no Photoshop filters or anything to alter the colors (just a little “S” in the curves after scanning, which had more to do with how thorougly CVS destroyed my negatives. More on that in the next sentence).

The redscale train really derailed when I brought the film to CVS for developing. I had rolled the film (Fuji Superia 400) in a Kodak Gold 200 cassette (it’s much easier to reroll it in another cassette than into the same one) and marked it “FUJI 400 REDSCALE” so I wouldn’t forget.  The clerk looked completely overwhelmed by this, and after I explained it, she looked even more confused (never a good sign). When I came back to get my negatives, I was amazed. How anyone could think negatives looking like this are acceptable (this is with digital image correction in the scan). I can’t even imagine what one would do to make them look like that. Perhaps add some pond scum to the chemistry?

Fuji Superia 400 reversed for redscale, Minolta XD5, custom CVS “distressed” developing.



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3 responses to “Authenticity II

  1. chloe

    erh that’s really disapponting that photograph turned out that way, pond scum indeed
    i looked at this photograph & thought “it’s reversed, or backwards..hrm” then i read your entry
    & it is shot backwards interesting
    i don’t understand how film works but i think it’s pretty cool how you do the thing you do
    ie. redscale & backwards

  2. chloe

    i had my first attempt at night photography & moving cars tonight
    i think i did ok, let me know some feedback when you’ve got a chance 🙂

  3. chloe

    hey you’re getting all technical on me, lol. it was my first attempt
    i loved the sky that night it was perfect & the stars were out
    thankyou for the long comment, i’m always interested to read your comments because you’re an excellent photographer & i want to be as good as you one day 🙂

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