Speed I


More toy cameras.

I shot another roll of redscaled film last week with much better results. Wide angle lenses (even if they are plastic and attached to a $3 camera) ar great for close-up perspective-disorting shots. I like how huge the (admittedly huge in real life) brake rotor looks. I had a dream last night that I bought some sort of used Triumph, and it reminded me that I wanted to post this.

Kodak Gold 200 film (expired six years ago and salvaged from my roommate’s mother’s closet) redscaled and shot in a Fuji Smart Shot II toy camera.


Filed under Color, Film, Street Photography

2 responses to “Speed I

  1. chloë

    i like how highly saturated this photograph is
    that’s a real boys toy; i want one too haha 🙂

  2. I love Bikes. And this shot explains why! good to see that your adventures with film cameras are coming off.. simply stunning! The rescaled effect is so expressive, really gives the look the bike deserves. Thats a Honda CBR right? 1000 or 600?

    Haha! you are right. I can see the mess! I think you should keep doing it, coz its bringing the best out of you. Mine is a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. its a cool one but its on strike since 2000, by then I got a bit busy and distracted with my studies(lol). (By looking at your photos; I think, I should get it repaired soon). I’ve been using different dgital cameras since then. My first digital SLR camera is the new Nikon D90. (first preference was D200 but $$$’s matters) 😀 Thats true about film cameras..we will always go for the best shot rather than shooting everything.
    I always wanted to develop film myself, is it that difficult? do we need too many tools? Do you have any formal education on photography? Do you edit all your photos? I’m learning myself everyday..now from you ppl too. 🙂

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