I’ve gotten away from my black and white roots.

When I first got my infamous $3 camera, I needed a roll of film to try it out with. I couldn’t think of anything better than Kodak 400CN, a black and white film that can be developed in regular C-41 color chemistry virtually anywhere. Even better, a local shop had an expired roll for $2. If I were Warren Buffett, I can’t help but think my photography would be different.

This is just a door in an alley in Virginia, but I like it.

Kodak 400CN approximately twelve months outdated, Fuji Smart Shot II (the “smart” part always makes me laugh, becaue I feel like an idiot for using it).


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6 responses to “Atticus

  1. chloë

    my comment wont post

  2. chloë

    it wont post my comment

    *crys from frustration*

  3. chloë

    will it post them

    oh fuckk

    (oh no my comment didn’t post)
    your comment kept going to spam ‘cause of the link you put in & everytime i moved it as ‘not spam’ it went back lol
    the bike did look like a lot of fun : )
    my aunty gave me her unused version of photoshop it’s cs3 & i don’t know how to use it besides to make borders & text lol; do you know anything about it(?)
    argh i hope your summer is less stressful for you, i’m well thankyou x

    the down-pipe makes the brack wall appear as if it’s curving; that’s cool
    the bright white is playing tricks on my eyes too 🙂

    (copy & pasted after the 3rd attempt at posting this didnt work)

  4. chloë

    the down-pipe makes the brick wall appear curved, it’s really cool
    the bright white is playing tricks on my eyes

    i wrote something else but i cant remember because this is seriously the 11th time i’ve tried to post & now this comment seems insignifcant to the amount of times i hit submit

  5. Thats something different! It feels like a bit fisheye ishhh! any particular lens??
    And I love bikes and i’m actually going for a yamaha R1 end of this year(hopefully). Bikes are also as addictive as photography. For me both goes hand in hand. links to my B&W photos
    You sound like an information tank, on photography and yea ofcourse I would love to have those links to those articles. I’ve already asked my friend to get my Yash GSN fixed. And hopefully i’ll get a negative scanner too as you said! I’m already excited. Actually i thought its too difficult to get the negatives washed and developed. but you made it sound so simple and interesting. I’ll surely give it a try. And mistakes are bound to happen when no worries.(lol)
    Adobe lightroom? I’m good with photoshop, but no too much editing in my photos unless I didnt get it right! I love to crop my photos into a proper size, to highlight the subject. curves and contrast tools are always handy.
    i’m also an addict to panoramas..I just love stitching photos. I think I should give it a try in RAW as it has more quality and clarity than jpg.
    I hope you could help me in finding the right macro lens for my D90..for real MACRO minute details.

  6. Lorin

    I just love the title, as you might expect. Very nice allusion. 😉

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