New Leaf II


There is a season, turn, turn, turn.

Those (admittedly, few) of you who read this regularly probably know my digital photography story. I sold my  digital SLR along with virtually everything that went with it (lenses, filters, batteries, chargers) about eight weeks ago, but it had been mostly sitting and collecting dust for months before that while I played with various 35mm cameras and processes. I did have plans to order a new body (starting over on a new system- hint: F-mount) in May. I was going to order a used body now one generation “obsolete,” thinking prices could only go down, but I was keeping a hawk’s eye on the prices at the largest two used dealers here in the States. In that last few weeks, I had actually noticed prices of used bodies climbing instead of falling for the camera I wanted, which makes no sense for a camera that was introduced four years ago and was replaced in 2007. To my amazement, the used camera bodies started vanishing as fast as dealers could get them in, and prices continued to rise steadily. Though I was worried that prices would rise out of my price range, there wasn’t much I could do. Until Sunday, that is. In my routine searching, I found that Best Buy was selling the cameras brand new for $150 less than used ones in respectable condition were trading for on reputable sites (no, eBay is not reputable for cameras. I have learned that the hard way). I hurriedly freed up some cash, and this is the picture I wanted to post today (although it isn’t much of a photograph by traditional standards). Again, long-time readers will recognize the significance: The camera I’ve been plotting about for a few months will be delivered to me as soon as Saturday.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this. First, since I’ve pledged not to use cheap zooms after my Pentax two-lens kit days, I’m not interested in the 18-200mm kit lens deal (which wasn’t on sale at Best Buy anyway). Instead, I ordered the body only. While I will technically have the body as early as Saturday, I will not have a lens (or, for that matter, a CompactFlash card). This will obviously make picture-taking difficult (though technically not impossible). Even better, the two lenses I plan on ordering in the near future are either hard to come by or almost impossible to find (35mm f/1.8, which I’m still not sure is officially out yet). This means it may be a little while before I can actually take pictures with the thin. I have a few schemes in mind to “borrow” a compatible lens for a day or so, but we’ll have to see how those turn out. I’ll probably crack and order a 50mm f/1.8 in the next day or so (and a CompactFlash card- that would probably be a good idea too).

Pentax digital SLR system, which is long gone.



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2 responses to “New Leaf II

  1. chloë

    i sat there for an hour trying to comment you last night, that’s dedication hahaha
    i read your comment at 9am at work but then i got really busy & never got time to check out your site, so i had to wait (counts.. .. ..) 13.5 hours before i got home from work & hair dressers
    this is very exciting news, a D200 even without a lens is very exciting 🙂
    this will be like starting a-new, starting fresh again
    the AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G which i assume is the one you speak of, goes for $379AUD here

    i like the composition of this photograph, the dof almost looks painted it’s lovely

  2. Is this picture much sharper than it looks in here(blog)? I like the frame but I wish it was a bit more sharp with more details.
    WoW! You ordered D200????? That will bring a great twist to this blog. why am I getting so excited about you ordering a D200!!!!!Haha! Mostly I use adobe photoshop for corrections but never used lightroom. I’ll give it a try for sure. and I hope its much lighter than my photoshop cs2. I hope it can edit RAW too. That elephant one is, honestly speaking I had to run after clicking that shot, to avoid crushing under the big palm leaf thrown at me. He was totally irritated to see me standing right infront of me. Macro 105mm! I’ve no clue about macro. Obviously price matters, so I think I should try sigma. I like manual focus too but clicking on-the-go needs an auto focus ability. But manual focus is ideal for macro photography,right? Is it possible to recognise macro lenses from its F-number?(maybe a stupid question to ask!lol) But D90 is really cool, loads of features and really cool to hold and shot..BANG BANG BANG!! Looking forward to see pic perfect clicks with your D200.

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