Saint Elizabeth


A photo posted on another photographer’s blog yesterday reminded me of one of my favorite photography truisms:

Just because you don’t know what it is at first glance doesn’t mean it’s bad.

In fact, I think too many of us forget the value in not knowing. What’s wrong with being uncertain? Unsettling or agitating your viewer can be a conscious artistic effect, and I think it is sorely underused

So what is it? You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

In “I’m getting another digital camera” news, my SLR body is set to be delivered tomorrow, and I ordered a lens and CompactFlash card this morning. As I am writing this I checked the UPS site again, and they won’t be delivered until Tuesday. The facility is 150 miles away and they are taking all of their 2-4 business days? I am not amused. It’s going to be a long weekend.

I am racking my brain for friends, acquaintances, or strangers with F-mount SLRs that I could borrow lenses (I guess I need a CF card too), but to no avail. I’ll be spending my weekend staring at the picture on the shiny box.

Pentax digital SLR, which is long gone. To the people I sold it to, I hope it’s serving you as well as it served me.



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4 responses to “Saint Elizabeth

  1. chloë

    well actually, sylvester was hunting me (lol) he got so excited when he spotted me in the backyard he ran all the way along the fence line
    : ) rather cute little thing he is
    i’ll definitely look at william wegman; i’ve trained my cat to sit for his food, treats & milk but i think that’s as far as it goes lol
    i like spontaneity i’m a “planner” i have to know when where how why. sometimes it’s annoying because my friends will ring friday & be like “pub. 10pm tonight” & i’m like err i’ve already made plans (like monday) lol

    don’t be jealous i’ve worked hard to be in this position & i’m sure you would do the same : )
    haha i definitely won’t tell them about the micro but they know i have a D90 & daniel & i are heading to hongkong/china, so maybe they’ll already know i’m earning enough to support my (current) ‘needs’
    i’ve heard only excellent reviews on the 105mm & from watching cindy dyers photography i’m envious & want to take photographs like hers
    i have thought about telephoto, haven’t done any research yet, anything in mind(?)

    OMGOMG how exciting : D i can’t wait to see your nikon stuff but better not be amazing ‘cause then we can’t be friends 😉 heh, just kidden (i know you’ll take amazing shots)
    oh boy definitely wait until they drop down & aren’t in so much demand

    i’m getting a 105mm, are you jealous..
    (ha ha) *rub in*

    p.s i like chatting with you too you’ve always got the best advice :):)

    i feel like if i touch the computer screen i’ll be able to feel the texture of this photograph
    i dig it, yup i do & you’re right it’s a pest to know be able to see what it is; aim complete x

  2. I would have to wholeheartedly agree on sometimes not knowing what an image is can be an expression in itself; or the mind can create its own image for itself when viewing…

  3. Awesome man! Ive no clue what it is! But so curious to know more about this photo as you have named it Saint Elizabeth. I wish I could lend you my nikkor lens for the weekend. Because I know how it feels when we waited for something so badly to happen and when it happens its still not there for the grabzzzz..
    I think this photograph really reflects the solidarity. and your comment was so… no words..Thanks Man.
    I’m crazy about bikes, Beamer M3 csl and Lamborghini. About R1..thats my favorite. I love R6 too(600cc) and in the naked bike category ducati street fighter..The mean machine. (My second favorite). The triumph speed triple is an awesome machine too. I got lightroom installed but had no time to play with it. But regarding the 105mm micro, from you, Chloe, Cindy and one of my other photographer friend..I’ve learned that nikkor is worth the price. and it seems to be the sharpest one too. Macro is all about sharpness. so I think I should go for the best! Maybe by the middle of this year hopefully. Thanks alot for your advice.. they r simply the best. I’m gonna ask you a big favour, My friends enrolled me into a local photography contest. I had no clue what was happening. Now I need to select 20 photos from my entire collection to fit in 4 categories. Landscapes, wildlife, people and global warming. I’ll be so grateful if you could help me select those 20 photos from my blog.. I know its time consuming so I can totally understand, If you dont have that much time to spent.
    I also would like to have a zoom lens as well, Ive checked sigma seems cool. whats your say?? is there any alternatives or do I need a bigger one as I’ll be shooting wildlife in real…WilD. Yes africa..I’m coming!!

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