New equipment doesn’t provide new things to shoot at.

The sign on the door:

“KEEWAYDIN COMPUTERS and KEEWAYDIN AQUATICS We are undergoing an upgrade in our facilities and cannot operate our business here temporarily. Please call 237-5560 for further information. Deliveries remain here as usual.”

Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 (which really is a razor at f/4).



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5 responses to “434

  1. chloë

    so clean & crisp ❤
    all the windows need is a reflection of you & your new camera 🙂

    (sure glad to hear you didn’t even consider canon 😉 )

  2. I knew you would do(shoot) something like this to make me jealous. I truly am. I always love these antique nostalgic feel expressed by some photos. This is one of them for sure. If you can see the old things differently then you dont need new things to shoot with new equipment. Computers & Aquatics, that’s a rare combination 😉 Is it a B&W or is it just filtered, coz I can feel a bit more depth in colours for this frame than other B&Ws. Awesome Shot!
    Yea I love panoramic views..I do go for trekking alot with friends, but when I get back home nobody would believe what we saw from there. Those incredible views cannot be absorbed with a single shot. That really forced me to do something new(new for me). so here I’m with all those panoramas.
    Ofcourse man..E46 is the best. Then new one is cool but E46 is HOT! WoW..
    I can talk about it the whole day nonstop. 😀 😀 I saw one E92 fully black modified(perfect) with skirts, black tint and Awesome looking alloys. I’ll get one snap of that soon.. But nothing compared to M# CSL E46

    How good is this!!!!! Supercar for everyday…
    BTW photozone is cool…thanks

  3. Newport is actually in Wales, UK. Hey where did my comment go? spammed??

  4. chloë

    your comment made me laugh 🙂
    photoshop is harder to use than i thought
    but i too loved that first shot

  5. I do tweak my photos a little bit, but not too much. Still I can go bizzare at times..when needed,with photoshop. Most of my photos are unedited, but tweaked. I think you should try stitching one… can even try panorama in your own street, that will surely give you an idea about panorama(bottemless creativity as I would say). Tripod is good to be honest, but normal 18-55mm is good enough.
    E46 with turbo kits(800RWHP…Ohh!!)!! Wow..thats gonna takeoff.. Hopefully I’ll do some panning photos with M3 E46.
    I think the spam filter is too strong..whenever I use a link in the comment, it takes time to get published.

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