It isn’t often that I add a new category to my “categories.”

One of my goals (and the way I’m justifying the expense of digital gear) for this year is to become a confident portrait photographer. I don’t need to be Zack Arias (whose work is fantastic), but I want to feel like I know what I’m doing. Fortunately, I have roommates to drag to my bedroom-turned-studio for impromptu self-education sessions. I am fairly happy with the light here considering my constraints (one undiffused light, limited space and backdrop options),  and I know where I need to work. More of these may appear from time to time.

Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, strobe that was free.



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2 responses to “Pharaoh

  1. chloë

    haha i take it you got my 11 comments on that one post; that was a frustrating event

    wow we have the same goal (photography wise) i want to be able to shoot people without it coming out really strange (lol)
    i like this, how many roommates do you have(?) could you share one for me
    kudos on the shutter shades (what the sunglasses are called here)

  2. Thats a cool one! The expression of your room mate is..Actually no expression at all!!
    what do you call that shade??? I love drawing portraits than clicking portraits. Thats so nice of you to add me to your page(and making me world famous). thank you.
    Haha! atleast I’ve six people who would think about visiting my blog in a year. Temme about your photography inspirations..!
    Yeah I checked youtube… thats unbelievable!! I drove it once :D, I fell in love with it the very moment. But watching those videos I think I should go for M3 even if I have to wait for 2 years to save that much money.

    The new look is good! 🙂 but the importance for your photography is not been reflected properly. Maybe the sudden change in your blog is making me feel like that.
    Frame by the multiple shots of the same bird, and when I stitched it..It came off perfectly, with equal spacing and in a straight line.

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