Spring Cleaning

For a while I’d been a little frustrated with the way my blog looked. I couldn’t really get it looking the way I wanted, and it didn’t really do a great job of, well, showing more than one picture on the page at a time. Since plenty of changes are afoot (digital again!), it seemed like a good time. Let me know what you think about the look.

My old images are huge and don’t quite fit into the theme. Apologies in advance for any unfortunate sidebar overlaps this may cause. I shrunk the most recent ones, but the rest are still a little awkward. Just don’t open the posts and they’ll be fine.


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2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. chloë

    a new blog layout is almost like a new beginning
    *likes new layout*
    if your photographs become distorted when shrinking them to fit, try making them smaller, then uploading into photobucket & then paste the html code into your post; this is what i do to keep the image quality up 🙂

    go the shutter shades
    i think sharing accomodation would be fun
    i still live at home with my parents & soon, my brother
    i would move out, but honestly i can’t cook & i still don’t pay my own phone bill, so when i’m more independent i might think about it (lol)

    i’ll check out your (non) link xx

  2. I know the one photo a page is not that great! Hope this layout works for you. Good luck! 😀
    Have you ever considered chaos theory theme?? I was considering that for a change to my blog as well. I even experimented it with my sketches.

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