Watch Me

I was referred to this video on Zack Arias’ page recently, and I was really floored. I’ve never really heard anyone talk about photography this way. If you have ever felt bad about anything related to your work, watch this video. If there’s a possibiltiy that you will ever feel this way, watch this video. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, you should probably watch it anyway.


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5 responses to “Watch Me

  1. chloë

    the whole car, stuck in first gear & going fast; that’s my life right now, or so it feels like it.
    thankyou for sharing this post

  2. Ohh!! Thats……………………………..
    that helps! I was about to ask you about Zak Arias and you posted this one. thanks man.

  3. chloë

    it’s amazing what modern technology can do
    i wish my journalist theme was customizable, i’d like to make the entry width bigger
    well i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, we’re both still young
    what will you be doing for work in a few weeks(?)

  4. Thanks man.
    Yea..we can surely relate it to ourselves at times. And the words are inspiring too…

  5. Hey wazzup? I need an opinion about the wordpress theme chaos theory. will that be good for my site? Pls have a look for me and lemme know. thanks alot.

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