Tribute IV


Something about fields of flags always catches my eye

(and this one was no exception).

Redscale film is something I’d like to shoot more of in the future.

Kodak Gold 200 Redscale,  Fuji toy camera, regular C-41 processing.



Filed under Color, Film, Landscape

4 responses to “Tribute IV

  1. Interesting technique redscale. I’m already used in some of my work, like this here:

  2. The tribute is just brilliant. But what is redscale film?
    Thats all right. so where did you go? Had fun? I know the problem is with fixed width. so I think I should continue with my existing theme itself for the time being.

  3. Hey.. thanks for the info. Sounds like an interesting technique. My theme is ok, as you said wordpress, not just wordpress I think, …I think there is no proper blogsite for photos.
    Thats great! so what kinda music is it? Do you use any instruments?

  4. chloë

    i felt like a naughty little girl when i shot the candids one, lol
    there was a lot of fiddling with that one to get the end result, but i think it paid off in the end 🙂
    what summer program are you teaching(?)

    is this photograph a new one or an old one you just never shared before(?) – if it’s new, are you missing film..
    where do you find all these little flags(?)

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