800 (Arthur)


Which literary character does this remind you of?

This is sort of a soul sister to “434” in subject matter and processing terms. It’s strange to buy new equipment in the middle of a photographer’s block- it forces you to revisit your surroundings (which you’ve photographed thousands of times) to try to find new angles and interpretations. One of these days I’ll get a new idea and I’ll be off like a greyhound again.

See it larger here.

Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8.


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5 responses to “800 (Arthur)

  1. Nice one… very rustic look…

  2. chloë

    you need some inspiration to find new surroundings
    do you have any friends who also love photography, that you can get out & explore with(?)

    don’t get me wrong, i love this photograph & the others

  3. Hey man.. I love ‘434’ really… that was a classy photo(Awesome Photo). If I may say this one is not your best(still cool). But trust me you really have a unique style of photographing & experimenting and its just Amazing. With the knowledge you have on photography and equipments, When you get out with new ideas of angles and all..I’m sure this blog(your photography) is gonna hit the TOP. Get out there and shoot!!

  4. me again with another contest entry….

    I LOVE THIS PHOTO because it reminds me of Grandma Woot’s (yes, her name was actually Wootie—you know those southerners!) house a little bitty town in Georgia. Just add a screen door (slammed repeatedly by the young’uns) and a squeaky wooden swing on the right side of the porch…then add a couple of chairs on the left and some young’uns shelling peas for Grandma to cook for dinner. Oh, and then add cousin Kenny (who was a bully that we didn’t much care for) trying to play “Red Rover” with just one person on his team (him) and four of us on the other side hoping he wouldn’t crush us in the process! 😉 Just inside the door on the left, you’ll find a full size lopsided feather bed that could swallow several kids and cousin Deanna’s chihuahua Peanut whole (just like in John Denver’s song, “Grandma’s Feather Bed.” And down the hall, in the second room on the left, you’ll find a fireplace where Grandma Woot would pull back a piece of plywood and spit her tobacco chaw into (lovely, huh?), prompting me to ask Mom, “Ma, what is Grandma spitting out? Girls don’t spit!” To which Mom replies, “ughhhhhh.” Oh, and when Grandma wasn’t spitting chaw, she was frying chicken and making dumplins and homemade biscuits and apple fritters and catfish and hushpuppies and insisting we eat meal after meal after meal, all day long. See how many memories your lovely photo dredged up for me? Now THAT is one powerful photograph!

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