There are only a few ways to make money with a camera.

See it bigger here.

Having photographers’ block combined with days and days of rainy weather means I really have to be creative (or uncreative) with my shooting. After spending the last few days looking at various old Nikkors on eBay (which I know I’ve sworn off before), I decided to try my hand at an eBay-style product shoot. Quick, dirty, and cet up with a “borrowed” flash, an $11 optical slave, and printer paper.

Here‘s another version with the original white background. What do you think? To me, it’s technically better but less interesting.

Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8


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7 responses to “Commerce

  1. Thats what I’m talking about! Real cool dude!
    (printer paper for background?) extra flash or external flash? the shades and the style, have that pro look, as if in a mag. What about that different reflections on the lens, in a line?
    I think difference is cool!
    I’m also trying the same thing at the moment, with my sketch papers as background and trying new things with micro option and apeture. But tomoro I’ve a big event to cover. REDBULL air race.. just outside my building. Cool ha! Thats so cool (about your band and music) I wish I had some kinda talent to play some instruments. I used to be a drummer(small drum) for my school marching parade band(nuthing gr8 tho).
    Yeah and that was 18mm.

  2. chloë

    yeah our leaves are dwindling away. are you getting around on foot then(?) i don’t think i could survive without my car :/ (that’s bad)
    mmm manual, manual seems so much more mature to me 🙂 i shot manual zoom & focus with those couple of ‘action’ shots of the waverunner
    i look forward to the day’s of taking a strangers photo & not caring :), wow it feels naughty haha

    the summer program sounds very rewarding not only for the students but you also
    maybe seven weeks in an isolated place will encourage you to escape with your camera 🙂 it might not be so isolated once you’re behind your lens
    i look forward to more photography like the minolta one, the paper background is a brillant idea 😀

  3. chloë

    hey anthony, when looking through the wordpress tag “digital photography” i discovered this:
    reminds me of your post ; the one you use as your header

  4. chloë

    not sure i can change a car tire but i’d give it a go, like anything lol
    i need to shot in manual more i’m rather lazy & choose aperture or shutter priority too often
    no worries about the link, i though it to be very very similar to that one of yours; i was contemplating they stole it but that’s ridiculous, i have a wild mild at times
    Oo what big city will you live in(?)

  5. Trawling eBay for “cheap” lenses is something I really need to stop as well. I have this lens but in the newer alpha mount (with auto focus).

    Nice product shot, well lit and composed and the vignette tightens it up nicely.

  6. I’m pretty worried about being able to maintain the project too but I’ve got a fair amount of support from friends and family so fingers crossed.

    The 50mm 1.7 AF is very nice, the picture here was taken with it stopped down quite a bit though. It’s great wide open though, lovely bokeh.

  7. Hey, I know it look really cool. The reflections are adding some kinda depth for sure. And it really make sense about the flash and all. But do we always need that kind of a light for a photoshoot? I use the paper the same way-curved to the wall. No edges and it will cover up the background too.
    I’m using 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED AF-S VR DX Zoom Nikkor lens, bundled with nikon d90. Its a new release(introduced with the D90 i think!). I’ll post some of my studio work soon. But I was busy with the red bull race this weekend. I clicked more than 3000 snaps, so you can imagine how hard its gonna be to sort things out. It was real fun and the best part was AbuDhabi team(local) won the first session of the championship. And we had a small fireworks as a celebration. On that note I took some firework shots with my d90 for the first time and i’m pretty much impressed. I only have this 105mm lens, so I’m pretty much restricted. But still I’m having loads of fun with that! i’ll post all my best shots from the red bull race sooon. I’ve uploaded one just for an intro! Lemme know wat you think!

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