Yes, it’s true, I haven’t been around for a while. It’s the end of the semester and life is hectic, so shooting has unfortunately been relegated to the back burner for now. However, with all of the new (well, okay, a lot of it is used) gear sitting around, I have plenty of motivation to go shoot once I can. I hate seeing my unused new camera sitting right under my left elbow while I spend the days (and nights) at my desk, but that’s the way it has to be for a little while.

On the other hand, steppng back from a creative medium can be a huge step toward getting refocused on the images you see in your head and how you want to make them. I am hoping to return to the viewfinder more relaxed and ambitious, and hopefully it will be reflected in my work. I have a lot of photographic goals for this summer, so I need to hit the ground running when I finish up on Saturday. Stick around- soon, this place will be flooded with new stuff. Until then, follow the people listed on the right, who are much more diligent than I.



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4 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Good to hear from you! after a long time.. 😀
    Yeaah! let this place get flooded.. I’m looking forward to it. 😀 How did the sem go? Good to hear that you are performing regularly.
    To be honest with you. I really took that Musical Night series thinking about you. Haha! Seriously. when I saw the Nikotin band on the stage performing..I thought, Yeah this is it..this is how Anthony might be performing. 😀
    Its too bad to keep a D200 idle!!!! Get out there and get some great shots with Anthony written all over it. Keep in touch.

  2. chloë

    hello sunshine 🙂
    how have you been(?) or should i say, where have you been hiding, lol
    how’s the teaching going(?)

    definitely be one of the cool kids & join sunday stills;


  3. Yo man! Thats cool! 😀
    So I hope you can join us this sunday. Me and Chloe was actually talking about pulling you (too) into the sunday stills. I think we three are like a band of Soldiers(reminds me of the famous…three musketeers)..with Cameras..lol!
    I wish I could see your performance someday and listen to your music! Its always good when we do, what we love to do! 😀
    …I’ll be travelling the next two days. I’ll be back on saturday. So get ready for SUNDAY! Hope you know the theme already. Good luck!

  4. chloë

    aw library 🙂 shhhh don’t type too loudly now
    here i was thinking you were off having too much fun to respond but you’ve been studying
    oh i thought you might like that processed one, pretty neat hey (?) 🙂
    good luck with your studying & i look forward to the library photos

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