New Nashville (still on hiatus . . .)


Photography and music are sort of related.

It’s true. Just look at Zack Arias. That guy can shoot as well as anyone on the planet, and the music industry is his thing (and really, his site is fantastic. Great photographers who share their knowledge are the greatest of all). I have been a musician for a lot longer than I’ve been a photographer, and I would love to unite the two.

This shoot would have worked a lot better with better equipment, but there are always resourceful ways to cheat. Things with lots of shiny surfaces (like very chromey guitars) don’t usually do well with hard light, but I still don’t have any umbrellas (because. . . I haven’t ordered them yet). So what do you do? Bounce one big flash cranked to mega power off of the (fortunately white) ceiling! Part of me feels like this would look better with a pure white background, but part of me likes the tones and the textures of the gray. I could have made it white (well, if i could have dug up a few more batteries), but I didn’t, partially because this shoot ended abruptly when my megaflashzilla decided that was as far as it wanted to go on my sort-of-mostly-charged AAs.

While the title and the instrument suggest country music, I can assure you mine is not of that persuasion. I just love Telecasters- something about that lipstick pickup in the bridge makes the sweetest tones. If you’ve played one, you know what I mean (though you may disagree. That’s why there are Les Paul players). Just like having a camera that’s more than you really need can make the experience sweeter, my guitar playing is not nearly up to the task of needing an American Standard Telecaster. But it plays like magic, and that’s fun. In a way, the Teelcaster is the K1000 of the guitar world (yeah, I have one of these too). It hasn’t changed much since a long time ago, it has an almost comical lack of features by modern standards, and it’s still awesome. Except you can still buy a new Telecaster.

For the record, I am still on hiatus . . .

Nikon D200, 50mm f/1.8 (but not at f/1.8 of course), one Minolta strobe on full power bounced off of my white ceiling, one perfect guitar.



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6 responses to “New Nashville (still on hiatus . . .)

  1. chloë

    nice composition, i really like that the lines are off center

  2. Ohh!! Thats Amazing. The shadow, the alignment, the composition.. Good Work man!. 😀
    I think by the end of the year..your room might turn into a photo studio. 🙂

  3. Hey, Wazzup dude? No sunday stills this week????

  4. chloë

    oh you silly boy 🙂 –that’s cute though
    i’m looking forward to your submission to eyes, i think daniel will be my subject, he has bright blue eyes

    i took the clock photograph as portrait but when i opened it up full screen the surrounds didn’t do the clock justice. so i opted for making it square, i might start doing this for a few photographs of mine actually, i rather liked it
    glad you did too 🙂

  5. Haha! Never mind! Next week is EYES, like Chloe, I’m also looking forward to see, what you are gonna come up with. Hey, check out my ‘In motion’ shot too(the second theme of last week), Let me know what you think about that shot. Yeah and my new layout too!! 😀
    Glad you like the Water theme. Took it just like the beach, at 40 degree celsius..midday. Came off good!

  6. Hey Dude! I need an opinion, please have a look at my new post.

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