Paris, TN


Sort of back.

I’ve been driving past this on my way to and from work for the last four weeks or so, and I finally dragged the gear out there today to make a stop on my way home. Here are the results (or, at least, a result).

Nikon D200, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, Minolta strobe off camera.



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4 responses to “Paris, TN

  1. chloë

    i was online at the same time you left your comment 🙂 – where have you been all this time(?)
    with the strobe, did you just bounce it straight off the wall(?) graffiti = art

  2. chloë

    don’t fret, i’m feeling the lazy photographer as well haha 😉
    ooow the teaching sound like lots of fun, where can i sign up(?) -to learn that is lol

  3. Is that through a glass! I’m not sure about the bottom of the pic!
    Dude! Wazzup? I’m still travelling and hiking and full time adventure. 😉
    Keep posting more snaps! I think your D200 is getting a bit lazy these days! lol!

  4. i love street photography, your 50mm f1.8 is pulling some very nice results

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