Update/Voluntarily Withheld


Like it or not, here I come.

I suppose I can officially call off my hiatus from shooting (which was really more of a period of abject laziness). On Monday, I will teach my first session of hybrid black and white, in which students will use a menagerie of 35mm SLRs (from an all-manual stop-down metering M42 mount Vivitar 400/SL to a fully-automatic autofocus Minolta Maxxum QTsi). Unfortunately, my program’s limited budget meant that eBay was the place to go for these, and this has already generated problems. When I purchased the last camera four days ago, I expected it to have arrived by now. Unfortunately, I received this message today:


I was instantly reminded why I hate eBay. People who don’t feel the need to bother with written English make me nervous, and people who sit around for four days before shipping something make me even more nervous. I guess we’ll see what happens on Monday.

The good news is that I have no choice but to shoot if I’m going to effectively teach this class, so there are likely some 35mm black and whites on the way.

Ironically enough, the passage that formerly appeared on ethics here has been removed. For ethical reasons. Great.



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3 responses to “Update/Voluntarily Withheld

  1. cherokeebydesign

    Ebay has let me down also form time to time.
    I hate when it takes a month to recieve something from China….

    As far as posting a photo, dont you just hate about half of the rules/laws that govern the photography business??


  2. chloe

    i’ve ordered three seperate lots of photography goodies from ebay, they’re coming from Hong Kong
    i got confirmation today they’ve been sent; but i still don’t feel safe using ebay lol

    p.s no, my lens is coming from australia! :/ i’m not crazy enough to fork out that amount of money to a different country &/or some company i don’t know 🙂
    p.p.s don’t be jealous, it’s not like i accumlated that amount just this month lol – i’ve been saving since january this year

  3. It's How I See It

    Abject laziness – If you don’t mind I might use that line for my several month long shooting hiatus…

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