Well, it’s been a while. Teaching photography actually didn’t inspire me to shoot. Instead, it inspired me to temporarily hate photography. How many “oops, I opened the canister. . . Will I not get any piiieeeecturrrres?!!?” experiences to make one hate photography? One.

(I should clarify that a student whined this to me, not the other way around).

That said, I’ve been done work for about a week now, and it seemed like time to do more shooting. I stopped by a local shop that often has fun expired film, and found some very expired Provia 400F. I picked up a roll, shot it, had it developed C-41 (“We need to send this out. I don’t think we can develop this kind of film here”), scanned it, and, like I often do with cross processed film, decided to do it up in black and white. I plan on heading back tomorrow to grab some more of this excellent film. For $2 a roll, what’s not to love?


Minolta XD5, Vivitar 28mm (note horrible bokeh at f/11 or so), Fuji Provia 400F (expired September 2004) cross processed at Ritz. What a rip-off. I’m glad they’re bankrupt.



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4 responses to “Shiny

  1. I liked thiz one, so classic it is. well done buddy.

  2. Duuude! where have you been??? How are you?
    Glad you are back! I really missed your ‘expired film ‘ photography! 😉
    Hate photography??? never expected that from you! 😳
    Only you would ask such a question! lol!
    I had a normal cfl on the right from top, & I also used my D90’s inbuilt flash(rear mode, setting -1)! Amazingly it worked! 😉
    So now temme your story… what did you do all these days?

  3. p.s. As usual this pic looks like a classy from Mr Anthony hemming!

  4. chloe

    dont hate photography; your so talented & we’d miss you 😦

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