Photography is a two-part process.

In the days of film, there was negative making (“shooting”) and printmaking (“printing”). With digital, nothing has changed, the image is captured/created, then processed into a final product.

This means that sometimes you can find an old image you weren’t fond of and re-imagine the processing to get something you do. This was shot on Ilford FP4+, scanned as a negative, and processed digitally. Call it whatever you want, but it’s just stage one from one process and stage two from the other.

Pentax K1000, Ilford FP4+ in Clayton F76+.



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4 responses to “Quarters

  1. mikerudd27

    Hey can I make you a photography website? Check me out on Linkedin or my website: http://www.graphiccreative.com


  2. chloe

    you’re so full of creativity anthony
    i love eggplant with pasta, feta cheese and sundried tomatos (but not too many tomatos because i’m allergic lol)

  3. Anthony—-I just love this shot of yours. It reminds me of one of the work of Charles Jones, a photographer long since gone. I own this book:


    Be sure to “Look Inside” and see the similarities to your work and his!

    It’s beautiful work, as is this shot of yours!


  4. Dear Anthony,

    I like this photograph because….
    I don’t want you to be sad if no one else enters (even though no one wanted my free prize! 😉

    Ok, all seriousness aside…I like this photograph because of the composition, the tint of the b&w, the subject matter, and because it reminds me SO much of something Charles Jones would have photographed 100 years ago. If I win this contest, I will proudly hang your print alongside the 6 framed Charles Jones vegetable prints I have in my kitchen. I will then tell all my friends that I discovered and nurtured your raw talent and am now your lowly-paid photography rep. 😉

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