Occasionally Glancing Up

Through the rain.

Three in a row from my last Holga roll. This was the first roll I shot without the 6×6 mask, so there’s some nice bleedover onto the edges of the film. Interesting to note that the exposures are so different. The sun was going down, so hypothetically they should get darker from left to right. Since the Holga shutter mechanism is a disc with a hole and a spring, it’s not really surprising that these are all over the place.

Holga, Fuji Pro 800Z.


Filed under Color, Film, Landscape

4 responses to “Occasionally Glancing Up

  1. I love these! Glad you haven’t put the camera down entirely!

    Sorry to get back to you several days later. Wisconsin, eh? I was just there last June for the annual Hearing Loss Association of American convention. I was photographing the event as well as people for upcoming cover features. We were in Milwaukee. Where in Wisconsin are you located? I’m hoping to get out there this fall to visit a friend I met years ago when I bought milkweed seed from her for my garden. She lives in an area called Shell Lake (Minong, actually). Don’t know exactly where that is, but she said the closest airport is Minneapolis. She started a Monarch butterfly habitat a few years ago and I do design work for her as a pro bono thing. I haven’t met her in person, although we’ve worked together for several years now. I might aim for August if I can get away. Nice to reconnect with you!

  2. Chloe

    these are so interesting, i love the middle photo

  3. Great color and subject.

  4. Dude!!! Very interesting stuff.
    Did I miss out on anything?
    Glad to know that your experiments are still ON!

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