I started serious photography in May of 2007 with my first real camera, a digital SLR. In July of 2008 I took the plunge into shooting and developing my own black and white film in the 35mm format. The work here represents favorites from right now or old images I like.

I hope you enjoy it.

More of my images on Flickr.

Contact me.

If you see something you like and are interested in a print, that can be easily arranged. Prints are always available, are printed by a reputable professional lab, and are not expensive. Trust me.

4 responses to “About/Contact

  1. Nice photos. Good luck with your photography. BTW… love the dog.

  2. kayechua

    Kudos! Great pictures! 😉

  3. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my “Boat in Lunenburg” shot! I’ve been reading many of your posts and looking at your photos—I disagree that composition is your “photographic Achilles heel!” You have some really beautiful shots—very haunting images, too. I’m especially reading your posts because you revert back to film so many times, and use out-of-date film just to see the results! I just love people who experiment. As you might see on my blog, I recently had some scans done (rather than do them myself on my Coolscan) and have been posting them here and there. One thing leads to another and last night I got out my Fuji G617 panoramic (film) camera and am contemplating shooting with it again. I bought it used (only had 40 shots run through it!) and I’ve barely shot 100 images with it myself. Nothing beats the beauty of a 6×17 image! I checked into scanning costs and there’s a guy in PA who does 6×17 scans at $20 a pop. Sounds reasonable and I will need scans once I start shooting with it again.

    Anyway, if I find anything I think you might love to work with (camera-gadget-wise), I’ll e-mail you. I love finding good homes for my older gear (free, of course). Just gave away my two Nikon N90s cameras to a friend’s high-school age daughter—she’s learning film and doing her own developing. She’s thrilled with the gift and I expect big things from her photographically!

    I’m adding your site to my blogroll so I can remember to check back to see what new experiments you’re beginning!

    I’m in Northern Virginia—where is home base for you?

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