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Where Am I?

It’s so easy to forget about April showers.

Well, since part of the piont of the new blog was for me to make posts without photographs, in a way I’m accomplishing my goals. There have been a lot of milestiones in my photography lately but very little shooting, which feels strange. I do, for some reason, feel like I need to add some updates.

Things I have paid for in the last two days:

1). Manual focus Nikkor AIS 35mm f/2.8 (because I love normal lenses, I love manual focus, and the price and availability beats the new G version)

2). Ridiculously obscure old flash unit with manual controls (the precise brand of which will remain a secret for the time being because Strobist-compatible flashes tend to get very expensive when the word gets out, and I think I’ve earned the option to pick up another two or five of these in the $9-15 range for the hours I spent finding out about them).

What does all of this mean?

Well, the lens is just something I needed.

But the flash means I’m finally diving into artificial lighting (one $15 step for man, one timid toe-dip for this photographer). To keep you interested, here are a few of the many photos I find inspiring and would love to be able to get close to:


“Quiescent Monkey”

“Russ Studio 1”

I am about four days of nonshooting away from calling this a hiatus.

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